North Seniors Section League - Week 5 Results & Final Standings


Today Bon Accord played Dundee in a match that would decide who finished runners-up this season behind Perthshire, who clinched the league last week.

Scores from today’s matches were:

Dundee 14, Bon Accord 12
Dundee 15, Bon Accord 22
Bon Accord 13, Dundee 14
Bon Accord 15, Dundee 13

Today’s results earned Bon Accord 6 points, whilst Dundee earned 4 points.

As a result of today’s matches, Bon Accord finished runners-up, six points behind Perthshire.

Thank you to all the Clubs and players who took part in this event, representing the Bon Accord. Over the past 4/5 years this has been the best finish we have recorded in this competition so well done to all!

Full results from all matches and current league standings can be found by clicking on the link below:

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