2019 Bon Accord Senior Pairs Competition - Results


Over the last 2 weeks the inaugural Bon Accord Senior Pairs knockout competition took place, played on a sets basis with a tie break format.

The full list of results are as follows:

Newhills results:-
1st round
Kenny Buchan, Charlie Clubb(Balgownie) 2 Ray Lamont, Joe Robertson(Northern) 0;
Jim Sinclair, Jim Raitt (Whitehall) 1, Ally Lawrence, Finlay MacKintosh(Newhills) 1 ( Sinclair/Raitt won tie break);

2nd Round
Buchan/Clubb (Balgownie) 2, Davie Neill, Bill Webster(Whitehall) 0;
Sinclair/Raitt 1 (Whitehall), Graeme McDonald, Charlie Keith(Kittybrewster) 1 (Sinclair/Raitt won tie break).

Whitehall results:-
1st round
Bob Mutch, Paul Reilly (Westhill) 1, Jim Eddie, Jim Shea(Northern) 1 ( Mutch/Reilly won tie break);
Mike Massie, Eric Smith(Whitehall) 2, Charlie Milne, Graeme Muir(Balgownie) 0;
Alan Clark, John Morrison(Polmuir) 1, Jim Findlay, Tom Hendry(Northern) 1 (Clark/Morrison won tie break);
Bruce Nicol, Harry McKay(Newhills) 2, Victor Morgan, Stuart Robison(Polmuir) 0.

2nd round:
Mutch/Reilly (Westhill) 1, Massie, Smith (Whitehall) 1 (Mutch/Reilly won tie break);
Clark, Morrison (Polmuir) 1.5, Nicol, McKay (Newhills) 0.5.

Semi-Finals played at Westhill
Kenny Buchan & Charlie Clubb (Balgownie) 2, Jim Sinclair & Jim Raitt (Whitehall) 0.
Paul Reilly & Bob Mutch (Westhill) 1, Alan Clark & John Morrison(Polmuir) 1 (Reilly & Mutch won tie break)

Kenny Buchan & Charlie Clubb (Balgownie) 1.5, Paul Reilly & Bob Mutch (Westhill) 0.5

Congratulations to Kenny Buchan and Charlie Clubb of Balgownie and commiserations to Paul Reilly & Bob Mutch.

Also a big thank you to all the players that took part in this event. We hope that this will grow in popularity and numbers next season.

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